Sweezy dies

by Chris Bertram on February 29, 2004

Over at The Virtual Stoa, Chris Brooke reports that Paul M. Sweezy, author of The Theory of Capitalist Development and editor of the Monthly Review for many decades has died. Chris will be posting links to obituaries as they appear.

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from brad'I'm not a commie' delong 03.01.04 at 3:29 am

I would like Paul Sweezy to be remembered for the following passage:

“The publication in 1952 of Stalin’s Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR would make possible today a more satisfactory reply.…In the light of [Stalin’s] explanation…I would like to amend the statement which Mr. Kazahaya criticizes.…[The amended statement] conveys my meaning more accurately than the original wording and is, I think entirely in accord with Stalin’s view.” (Paul Sweezy (1953), The Present as History (New York: Monthly Review Press), p. 352.)

Paul Sweezy called himself an intellectual. Paul Sweezy publicly revised his opinion on an analytical issue in order to agree with the position taken by a genocidal tyrant. Fill in the blank: Paul Sweezy was a ________.

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