The story behind red alert

by Eszter Hargittai on July 25, 2004

This short film by zefrank seemed to make it to some corners of the blogosphere in March, but I don’t think it got the type of exposure it deserves. Go behind-the-scenes to learn about the making of the yellow-orange-red alert system (Tinky Winky reference and all!:). Warning, only visit the rest of the site if you have plenty of time to spare!



JDC 07.25.04 at 11:00 pm

Wa-kee-shuh? WTF is Wa-kee-shuh? Would that be Waukesha? I couldn’t get past that.



Carlos 07.26.04 at 3:19 am

You too?

Now that first stormtrooper in TROOPS, he had a great ‘Sconsin accent. “Most people would call this the ass end of space, but I like the small town feeling you get around here.” If memory serves, the voice was done by the same guy who did Die Fliedermaus on the Tick animated TV show.

This, OTOH, was kinda dull&obvious. Not like Wisconsin at all.



PG 07.26.04 at 5:28 am

Doing my play by play

“an eye watching you, really comforting sort of feeling there.”
He’s adorable, in a scary way.

“my logo ended up being a bit too progressive for them.”

Ann Coulter. Lord love us. SKIN COLOR?!

OK, I have to stop commenting because I’m starting to wonder if I’m being taken in. Is this for real?


John Quiggin 07.26.04 at 8:24 am

“Warning, only visit the rest of the site if you have plenty of time to spare!”

Eszter, a warning like this is like a flashing red sign “Danger! Alcohol served in this bar!” at an AA convention.

Of course, I had no time to spare, and of course I went straight to investigate the site.

The very fact that anyone is reading a blog in the first place, let alone writing one, is an indicator of addiction to displacement activity, and probably of deadlines going unmet at this very moment.


Motoko Kusanagi 07.26.04 at 10:26 am

Hehe, that reminds of this vandalized wikipedia page. Anyway, you’re exaggerating, I still have thirty minutes to finish my article.

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