Dirty Politics as a Vocation

by Kieran Healy on October 15, 2004

Read and learn. The old pig-fucker strategy emerges for the last month of the campaign, with the added twist of getting the party operatives to plant fake evidence.



anonymous 10.16.04 at 12:47 am

This just goes to show how sad our political system has become. Today’s campaigns aren’t about important issues; they’re a sensational mix of Spy vs. Spy meets The National Enquirer.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden 10.16.04 at 3:13 am

The piece you link to seriously garbles the Lyndon Johnson “pig-fucker” story. It wasn’t during the 1968 presidential campaign; Johnson dropped out of the 1968 presidential campaign. It was in one of Johnson’s very first Texas campaigns, and the actual story is narrated somewhere in the first volume of Robert Caro’s huge LBJ biography.

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