Happy Easter!

by John Holbo on April 1, 2018

I have continuing my annual tradition of Kirby-themed eggs. I’ve been reading “Tales of Suspense” and have taken monstrous inspiration. A father-son egg set. As my younger daughter observed: needs tiny diapers.

Photographed on an iPad, for extra backlit suspense!



Alan White 04.01.18 at 11:12 pm

Well this just made my day! Love it.


alfredlordbleep 04.02.18 at 12:24 am

Found under my pillow:

In the Prince’s retreat in Nulcosia a high-ceiling shop is dominated by a reconstruction from dinosaur bones. This creature is of an unknown species and quite large. Will and Sonia are standing at Will’s work table as Thames exits with a very large egg-shaped object evidently worked from fragments. Both men sport white lab coats

SONIA Dispensing with delicacy the Prince told us that with two wives you are off to a running start.

WILL He’s seen how good I am running, but has he noticed I’m over my head in all this? [Gestures toward the towering construction]

SONIA [turns her back to hide her face. Impetuously reverses herself] Let this be our child. [Mimics Will’s gesture]

WILL Your mind fascinates, but where conception is involved mind isn’t.

Sport brightens her mood. She accepts his challenge with panache

SONIA Then it’s inconceivable.

WILL Oh, as much as you like. . . In your wild ambition is there surrogate motherhood?

SONIA Only if it’s resurrection. No more is biology destiny.

WILL Science waits on no one.

SONIA Humanoid? Dinosauroid?

WILL You’ll spoil our Easter egg hunts with such talk.

SONIA The sky looked threatening last night. I looked for a bolt from above—Dr Frankenstein’s idea.

WILL You don’t separate science from pure fiction?

SONIA Oh, as immaculate as you like.

WILL Ruff believes it’s not what somebody digs up but what grows in a dish that makes people run for the hills.

SONIA Do you say in the future Man doesn’t interfere with death?

WILL [in a mock sepulchral tone] Let me be the first to tell you that it is much pleasanter being here with you than being dead.

SONIA Thank you, I’m sure.

WILL [resumes ordinary voice] Wisemen in our time want no interference with conception either.

SONIA So much that’s nature’s way has been tampered with by now and certainly much more in the future. You mean the Robed Warriors?

WILL High Priests.

SONIA Judges.

WILL Pols. Yet many favor the unformed organism.

SONIA [puzzling momentarily] You’re thinking of those bent on fostering innocence—but better than worship of false idols. Education should be a right of all.

Ruff and Cleo have entered with the last two speeches in their ears

RUFF [answers for Will with gusto] A privilege, not a right. Should we help neighbors’ children?

CLEO [takes Sonia’s part to Ruff with relish] Oh, nonsense on stilts. You are so modern that the common good has been uninvented. [Takes a playful swing at him] What have you two been talking about to encourage Ruff to misbehave?

Ruff lets a look of mock displeasure escape



Layman 04.02.18 at 12:48 am

Buen Pascua, as we say down here!


Douglas Muir 04.02.18 at 7:37 am

Speaking of things Kirby-related: the current Mister Miracle mini-series (currently on issue 7 of 12) is so, so much better than it has any right to be.

It is a very explicit homage to Kirby without being remotely Kirby-like, and also without descending into parody or overtry. This is extremely hard to pull off, but they do it. It’s attracting rave reviews across the board, and in this case the reviews are right.

Doug M.


Douglas Muir 04.04.18 at 8:01 pm

Oh and also Googam Son of Goom is a character in the Marvel Universe now, with his most recent appearance being just a couple of months ago. Marvel Two-in-One #2, if you must know: he’s competing with the Mole Man for leadership of Monster Isle.

Guest appearance: Doctor Doom. “Democracy is overrated.”

Doug M.


John Holbo 04.04.18 at 10:46 pm

Thanks, Doug! Yes, I have tried to keep up with the exploits of Googam. But I haven’t seen the latest, I guess.

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