Sunday photoblogging: Mount Pleasant Terrace, Bristol

by Chris Bertram on May 6, 2018

Mount Pleasant Terrace, BS3



Alan White 05.06.18 at 9:21 pm

Great use of contrast by use of a good eye for lighting.


Donald A. Coffin 05.06.18 at 11:34 pm

Man, you are good at this photography thing.


Dr. Hilarius 05.07.18 at 12:51 am

Very nice, the variation in color from unit to unit adds interest.


bad Jim 05.07.18 at 5:06 am

My first thought was that it was the score for a Beethoven piano concerto.


maidhc 05.08.18 at 9:11 am

It’s a nice photo, but it’s made possible by what 19th century writers condemned as vulgar soulless tasteless capitalist mass-market trash. I rather like it. I wouldn’t mind living in a place like this, even if it was identical to my neighbours.

A few years ago I visited William Morris’s lovely childhood home, financed by the sale of poisonous toxic wallpaper. Many authors lament the irony of the house becoming surrounded by “vulgar villas”. But I thought it was a pleasant typical suburban London neighbourhood. Yes, all the houses look the same. And they have indoor plumbing and a nicely designed kitchen.

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