by Chris Bertram on August 17, 2003

Pauline and I are just back from a ten-day holiday in Ireland. It was our first time there and we were impressed. It also turned out to be a pretty smart place to visit given the prevailing weather conditions: untypically there was hardly a drop of rain, but the temperatures were comfortable rather than lethally hot (as they were elswhere in Europe).

I may opine further on the country over the coming days, but given CT’s numerous Irish contingent, I’m sure to get slapped down by those with greater expertise. Without them, though, the holiday probably wouldn’t have happened and certainly wouldn’t have taken the form it did. Thanks first to Henry (and family), whom we were lucky enough to meet up with and enjoy a wonderful lunch of Killorglin smoked salmon provided by his mum, which we followed by an exciting drive across the Kerry mountains. Here’s a partial Crooked Timber team photo in Kerry (Henry is the tall, handsome one).


And thanks to Kieran, whose post last year about Newgrange set me thinking about visiting Ireland. Newgrange is a remarkable and magical place which puts Stonehenge in the shade. 5200 years old, perfectly aligned with the sun for the winter solstice, and absolutely dry inside after five millennia. What an achievement.



Maria 08.17.03 at 7:47 pm

Chris, I wish I’d been home on the ranch in Kerry last week for all sorts of reasons, not least the company and the weather.

Anyway, do post on your thoughts about Ireland. I just got back from a weekend in Dublin, feeling angry and depressed at how our economic boom has led to increasing disparities in wealth and the awfulness that goes with it.

And on that very subject, am off to St. Tropez for the week so light/no posting from me.


Chris 08.18.03 at 4:39 pm

Thanks Maria – have a great time in St Tropez!

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