Blogging innovations

by Eszter Hargittai on May 20, 2005

I didn’t write this post.



agm 05.20.05 at 2:14 am

Nice imitation of the Apple website.


Jonathan Dresner 05.20.05 at 3:49 am

Well, when the best-selling word processing software comes with “auto-summarize” and other text generators, when reporters write their stories before the event, when paper mills and wikipedia make up an increasing portion of my grading material…. why not?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure he was kidding until I saw the list of “current users”….


Brian 05.20.05 at 6:24 am

Funny, I was sure it was a joke until I saw the list of “current users”. Then it took on the status of a plausible explanatory hypothesis.


Doug 05.20.05 at 8:00 am


Chris Martin 05.20.05 at 8:36 am

They refer to Sully as a Tin-Can-rattling Millionaire Panhandler. Priceless.


Factory 05.20.05 at 8:54 am

From the site:
“While the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled (N Gaiman v. H Kornfeld) that use..”

Yo’, da homies representin’ at da su-premes. We rolled up, dropped da science, an’ ya’ll wuz fallin’ like suckas. Word is bond. H-Dog out.


bob 05.20.05 at 2:41 pm

Gee, I was hoping it would be real. Wordwooze at last!


dglp 05.22.05 at 5:56 am

I’m still convinced it’s the real deal. No spoof project would ever use such obfuscatory language – so many words that lend so little clarity to the concept. Problem is, the website programming is buggy: the ‘How to Buy’ link is non-functional.


ric 05.22.05 at 8:15 pm

not buggy, just code stolen from the Apple site.

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