The Wealth of Networks

by Henry Farrell on April 15, 2006

Yale University Press has just released Yochai Benkler’s _The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom_. You can buy it at “Powells”:, and Amazon, but it’s also available from Benkler under “Creative Commons”: with an associated wiki. There’ll be more about this book on CT soon – for the moment, suffice to say that I think that this is a really important book, not only for people interested in the politics of technology, but for people interested in left or liberal politics more generally. It fizzes with ideas.

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joel turnipseed 04.15.06 at 8:46 pm

Just gave this a cursory couple-hour read and yes–it’s fascinating & well-balanced. Hope we get to have a CT seminar on this soon (and that when we do, we have a centralized post/joint comments)!


washerdreyer 04.16.06 at 2:22 pm

Jack Balkin had us read most of this book for a class he was teaching last semester. Without looking back through my notes in order to make a substantive comment, I think I can safely say it was excellent.

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