Sunday photoblogging: Liverpool

by Chris Bertram on June 12, 2016

An iPhone photo, earlier today, after visiting the excellent International Slavery Museum.

Liverpool, from Albert Dock



William Berry 06.12.16 at 9:14 pm

Gorgeous. That red ship (a fire-boat?) really jumps out. I like the mix of old and new in the architecture, the reflections in the water, lots of contrast all ’round.


js. 06.13.16 at 12:24 am

CB – That’s very nice. Do you process iPhone photos in Lightroom as well?


Donald A. Coffin 06.13.16 at 1:30 am



Collin Street 06.13.16 at 1:32 am

> a fire-boat?

Lightship. Like a lighthouse, but floating. You can see the lantern, it’s that big glass structure on top of the tower.


William Berry 06.13.16 at 2:37 am

A light-ship, of course. With a cupola just like the top of a light-house! I only had to place two finger-tips on the screen (of the very same type of instrument CB used to take the photo) and sweep them apart to see all the detail I needed. Oh, well.


Alan White 06.13.16 at 4:05 am

Exceptional especially for a smartphone pix. A little bit of beauty much appreciated on a very bad day here in the States.


Chris Bertram 06.13.16 at 5:54 am

@js I boosted the shadows a bit.

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