Sunday photoblogging: Paris café

by Chris Bertram on March 28, 2021

What wouldn’t I give to be in Paris right now!
Paris café at night



JAMES BOWER 03.28.21 at 4:03 pm

A small cup with a bit of chocolate on the saucer, watching people go by. Some of my best moments were spent that way, too.


Dr. Hilarius 03.28.21 at 7:23 pm

I’m not surprised that Hopper’s “Nighthawks” has already been mentioned on your Flickr page. Great exposure without an overdone HDR feel.


Alan White 03.28.21 at 8:10 pm

A French Nighthawks–great mood.


Barry 03.30.21 at 1:36 pm

Sigh. I wish I was there, as well.


Hidari 03.31.21 at 5:43 am

‘What wouldn’t I give to be in Paris right now!’

To be fair, or anywhere where there were open cafes. Or open anything.


Z 03.31.21 at 7:09 am

To enjoy the 7pm curfew and cafés, museums and theaters that have been closed for over a year?

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