Sunday photoblogging: Venice arch

by Chris Bertram on September 5, 2021

Following some advice on Jamie Windsor’s excellent YouTube photography channel I decided to look through the last two years of my photos to see if there were some I’d neglected at the time but which would benefit from a second look. This is one that did, from Venice in summer 2019 before the world changed.

Venice arch



Alan White 09.05.21 at 2:31 pm

I like it very much–not your typical canals picture.


jsrtheta 09.05.21 at 3:18 pm

Good catch. I’ve done this myself, reviewing images I initially though blah but now saw were much better than I’d realized.


William S. Berry 09.05.21 at 7:33 pm

With the contrast of foreground and background, a very interesting, almost trompe l’oeil, effect.

Many years ago I worked as a rolling mill operator at Noranda Al, a large smelter on the western bank of the Mississippi. The interior of the building was oily, smoky, dark and dingy. One morning the sun came up above the river and I happened to look up and out through the hot-metal truck door in the east-facing wall. I could see the brilliant blue of the sky, the levee with its tall grass and, most serendipitously, a large deer grazing there. With the inside/ outside contrast, the effect was stunning.

No photo, unfortunately. The mill was down and I was changing out some rolls stands, so it was back to the grind for me. America needed aluminum!

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