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by Micah on March 5, 2005

I haven’t had a chance yet to read Nicola Lacey’s biography of H.L.A. Hart, but it’s not every day you see this kind of exchange in the London Review of Books. Unfortunately, Nagel’s initial review is only available to subscribers. (Brian Leiter had a link posted to some comments from John Gardner on Lacey’s biography, but it doesn’t seem to be working now. Maybe Gardner has published his comments?)



Jorn Barger 03.05.05 at 9:52 pm

Can it really be true that “every student of philosophy is puzzled by the point of Austin’s minute investigations of English usage”???

I’m an AI-and-literature guy, not a philosopher, but Wittgenstein bores me stiff, while I find Austin thrilling…

I read somewhere that he envisioned a sort of Manhattan project in ordinary-language analysis, where hundreds of Austin-trained introspectors would go thru the dictionary word by word, and untangle the Rest of Philosophy. Which is a little like what Lenat’s Cyc project is after (see url below).


John Quiggin 03.05.05 at 11:35 pm

There’s also an interesting review in Prospect. Subscribers only, but worth a click for the opening para.


Jonathan 03.05.05 at 11:37 pm

I apologize for being off-topic here, but Jorn, if you’re an ai-and-literature guy, I’d recommend trying blogging. It really enables you to share ideas, particularly ecletic ones, with a diverse audience; and many folks are trying it out nowadays.


Jorn Barger 03.06.05 at 12:35 am

I’ve been blogging for some good while (see:


and I started for that very reason– to build an audience for my obscure ideas. I did manage to build an audience, but if you Google for links to my obscure pages, it’ll break your heart (or mine, anyway).


Jonathan 03.06.05 at 1:42 am

I know–joke.


dave heasman 03.06.05 at 9:47 pm

Wow, Jorn’s back! This is fantastic. Hooray. Unconfined joy etc.


Jorn Barger 03.07.05 at 5:39 pm

(Nobody has an opinion on JL Austin?)


jessica mclaughlin 03.11.05 at 12:52 pm

i have heard that brett hart died in a car accident is it true please email me at jessicamclghln@yahoo.com i would appreciate it

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