Or Maybe Freedom Isn’t On the March

by Brian on March 2, 2005

As an alien who will presumably have to apply for residence in the US one of these days, I found “this post at TalkLeft”:http://talkleft.com/new_archives/009897.html somewhat disturbing.

bq. Homeland Security is requiring immigrants in 8 cities who are in the process of applying for residency to wear electronic monitoring ankle bracelets 24/7.

bq. These people have never been accused of a crime. There are 1,700 of them to date. Homeland Security says monitoring will prevent those ordered deported from running and hiding. But, a 2003 Justice Department report (pdf) blamed inadequate record keeping by immigration officials as the reason for problems deporting non-detained aliens.

I’m ever so glad the GOP is such a strong supporter of small government and individual liberty.

More seriously, it’s times like this that I think “Adam Morton”:http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/~amorton/moral.html may be right – our complacency about the morality of institutions of citizenship and borders could very well look like a serious moral shortcoming when history casts its judgment on our era.

Speaking of Borges …

by Henry Farrell on March 2, 2005

there’s something a little Borgesian about this “mathematical anecdote”:http://mindofwinter.blogspot.com/2005/03/viva-la-revolucion.html from ‘Mind of Winter’ (found via “Chad Orzel”:http://www.steelypips.org/principles/2005_02_27_principlearchive.php#110977081518935637).

bq. … Zygmund posed Calderón a question and the puzzled Calderón replied that the answer was contained in Zygmund’s own book Trigonometric Series. Zygmund disagreed: what transpired was that Calderón only ever read the statements of the results, preferring to give his own reasoning and proofs… . One of these proofs gave a highly original answer to Zygmund’s question. This originality was to be the hallmark of Calderón’s work in the years to follow.

2nd Treatise Rap

by Chris Bertram on March 2, 2005

In my “Locke in Modern English”:https://www.crookedtimber.org/archives/003289.html thread below, commenter Gordon writes in exasperation:

bq. Jeez, what next? Maybe a rap version?

A leading British political philosopher, whose identity I am sworn not to reveal, submits the following by email:

bq. Political power, wanna know the truth?

bq. Get to the roots, man, get to the roots.

bq. What’s it like without the state?

bq. Freedom, freedom nothing to hate.

bq. Who’s the pimp and who’s the whore?

bq. Don’t talk to me til you learn the score!

bq. Unless our maker says I’m first,

bq. Me and you’s equals on this earth.

A challenge to others to do better?