Never Mind the Trans Fat

by Kieran Healy on March 6, 2005

In O’Hare airport, the Starbucks sells Lemon Poopy Seed muffins. At least they’re honest about it. Makes you wonder what’s in the coffee.



jan 03.06.05 at 9:17 am

or where the coffee has been in


John Quiggin 03.06.05 at 10:51 am

Perhaps Vietnamese weasel coffee is what’s needed to go with this treat.


Ben Alpers 03.06.05 at 1:43 pm

Need another reason to hate Charbucks? How about this appropriation of the worst song of all time, rerecorded for the Starbucks Licensed Stores Awards ceremony last month. (Via Rox Populi)


Tom T. 03.06.05 at 6:12 pm

Some seeds need that treatment in order to sprout.


ogmb 03.07.05 at 1:21 am

ben, I don’t dare click that link. Is it a version of “We Built This City?”

Vile, but I still think the celebritywhoring of “We Are the World” is the worst song of all time.


Chris 03.07.05 at 4:45 am

OGMB — don’t click! Your guess is right on — but it’s far worse than you could even imagine.


Jon H 03.07.05 at 4:58 am

I wonder if the poppy seeds would get you in trouble with a drug-sniffing dog?


belle waring 03.07.05 at 5:39 am

damn you ben alpers!! it’s actually worse than the original, because it contains the line “knee-deep in the mocha.” poopy seeds, indeed. that “got shit out by a weasel” coffee (kopi luwak in indonesia) is actually not bad, BTW. full of mellow mustelidae flava.


Ajax Bucky 03.07.05 at 10:42 am

Chicago being the home of Mimi Smartypants et famille.


Victor 03.07.05 at 11:15 pm

It’s not just Starbucks. The entire O’Hare Airport gastronomic experience is ‘poopy.’ I had an egg and cheese bagel before jumping on a flight two weeks ago. Somewhere over the Rockies I broke into a cold sweat and became claustrophobic. Never before had I been sick on a plane. So if you’re ever in O’Hare, be sure you’re not hungry.


Keith 03.08.05 at 12:44 am

I had a burger at Wolfgang Puck’s in O’Hare once. Most expensive hamburger, ever. But it didn’t make me sick.


Procrastinator 03.08.05 at 10:49 am

I shudder to think what Starbuck did in the milk. All those lonely months aboard the Pequod, without a woman, must have been maddening.

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