Dept. of credit where credit is due

by Henry Farrell on March 23, 2005

While writing up the last post, I went back to try to find a blistering review by Fred Halliday of Martin Kramer’s Ivory Towers on Sand , which was published in International Affairs (of London) last year. I’d thought about blogging it then, but decided not to because it was behind a paywall and thus inaccessible to most of CT’s readers. However, by Googling, I have now discovered that Kramer has made the review available himself on his own website, pending his own response to it (which doesn’t seem to have appeared yet). While I strongly disagree with Kramer’s views as I understand them, I have to say that I find this rather impressive – it speaks well to Kramer’s commitment to debate that he’s willing to make a piece that’s quite harshly critical of his own work more widely available than it otherwise would be.