Fun with Amazon images

by Eszter Hargittai on May 26, 2005

It may be a bit geeky of me to admit this, but I find the following quite fun/funny. A Peanuts and Charles Schulz enthusiast figured out how the book images are generated on Amazon’s Web site. He has documented it in detail so now we can all create our own images. (It looks like he’s not the first one to play with this, but his discussion of the various options seems more comprehensive than others’ so it’s worth a pointer.) I thought I’d display one of my favorite cartoons with a twist. Enjoy! (Or be amused that some of us do.:) [thanks]

As per Nat Gertler’s ethical considerations listed on the right side of the page linked above, I would like to note that the discount percentages in the image above are being used in a purely decorative fashion and do not reflect any offers on Amazon’s site.



Nat Gertler 05.27.05 at 2:10 am

Glad you liked it, and thanks for spreading the fun.

–The Guy What Wrote That Guide


des von bladet 05.27.05 at 8:00 am

Word up, Francophone Murkans: has Titeuf in stock for typically CND 7.95 a volume.

(Yoorpeans will already shop at, of course.)


Ushma 05.28.05 at 5:05 pm

This is great! Thanks to Nat, and CT for the link.

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