The Medium Lobster as Messiah, and David Horowitz his prophet

by Henry Farrell on December 2, 2005

“Adam Kotsko”: blends Fafblog with the higher theology.

bq. That university faculties are Marxist totalitarian regimes is a timeless ontological truth — and although the accidental fact that a particular university might show occasional signs of not being a Marxist totalitarian regime participates in truthfulness to some degree (as Horowitz indicates by conceding that his falsification meant he missed the mark of saying “the whole truth”), the essence remains constant and truer.

via “Scott McLemee”:

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P O'Neill 12.02.05 at 11:10 pm

In its claim that mere factual inaccuracy only strengthens the larger point, it also has shades of Jonah Goldberg.

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