Networked governance

by Henry Farrell on April 26, 2006

Jon’s post below reminds me that I’ve been meaning to link to the Kennedy School’s “Program on Networked Governance”: which co-sponsored a talk I gave last week. A very interesting program, bringing together traditional concerns of social scientists with some of the new arguments about network topology etc. This is also probably a good time to mention that we’re going to be running a Crooked Timber seminar on Yochai Benkler’s new book in a week or two – the book has a lot to say about networks, governance and much else besides. Previously, these seminars haven’t been announced in advance – but it seems to me to make sense to provide some advance warning this time, for those who would like to participate in comments, and want to read the book first. The book is available to read online “here”: under a Creative Commons license. It is quite long though, so those who want to save their eyesight can purchase the hardcopy version from Powells (yer union-friendly store) “here”: or Amazon “here”: I’m hoping to introduce another innovation to this seminar, which is to link selectively from the seminar to posts on other blogs that seriously get involved in the conversation (I will be somewhat selective in this – but hope to include a diverse set of points of view on the book and what it says).

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Seminarium om sociala nätverk och politik at Det perfekta tomrummet
04.27.06 at 6:11 am



Seth Finkelstein 04.27.06 at 5:07 am

… to link selectively from the seminar to posts on other blogs that seriously get involved in the conversation …

There is re-intermediation!

[Sorry, I know your intentions are good, and, err, “democratic” – but I couldn’t resist a bit of waggery on the topic.]


Henry 04.27.06 at 8:32 am

Hi seth

Fair enough – but as I was going to spell out when I do the seminar, the whole thing will be available under Creative Commons. Which is to say that if you want to do yer own remix which includes your essay and redistribute it, then you’ll be perfectly entitled to do so. And the burden of the Benkler book’s argument isn’t that conversation is completely unstructured – but rather that it’s possible for others to use and re-use and cultural materials as they want. Which is what we’ll be doing here, we think! But I know that you disagree with Yochai and me on all of this – look forward to seeing what you have to say at greater length.


jeffb 04.27.06 at 1:21 pm

Oh god. Can’t we get the network metaphor banned (or at least sheilded from Kennedy School abuse)? Six month hiatus?


jonst 04.27.06 at 3:43 pm

Anyone interested in see how these issue play out in a courtroom please go to this link.

I’m an attorney working pro bono on this case. This is about free speech under attack. This is about a blogger under attack. This is about fair use, as that term is employed in copyright issues on the net, under attack

Please consider learning more about this case and if, after you do, you so desire, speak out about what is going on here. Thank you

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