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by Chris Bertram on April 26, 2006

I was just in gmail reading some emails from John and Daniel which mention some technical questions about choice under uncertainty and, in the rh pane, there appears under “sponsored links” an advertisment for Tyler Cowen’s “Marginal Revolution”:http://www.marginalrevolution.com/ — “The greatest econ blog on the web! Insightful & interesting every day.” Well, often, I’ll give them that. Are many bloggers paying google to advertise their on-line scribblings?



Alex 04.26.06 at 9:33 am

Perhaps this is some sort of experiment?


Isaac 04.26.06 at 10:26 am

I also e-mail about technical econ things and one day noticed this link. I e-mailed Tyler Cowen about it. He wrote back (and I hope quoting this doesn’t violate any confidences, feel free to delete if he objects):
yes that is us, we set that up through Google…glad it works!


Tyler Cowen 04.26.06 at 10:29 am

Isaac is correct…I don’t think it has made a significant difference, though, and probably this CT post has given us more hits than the ad itself…
Tyler Cowen


greensmile 04.26.06 at 11:31 am

I don’t know how, or how much, one pays to use adsense but the links are just relevant enough, just often enough, that I don’t ignore them. Of course, with shorter e-mails, relevance drops down into the commical.


T. Scrivener 04.26.06 at 5:41 pm

Something feels wrong about this, something feels very wrong.


Tim Worstall 04.27.06 at 11:44 am

That ad has always rather amused me. Sometimes pops up just above my blogroll link to Marginal Revolution.

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