Crooked Timber announces MLA Takeover

by Henry Farrell on December 14, 2009

Or at least, MLA takeover by a “CT blogger”: Congratulations, Michael!



The Raven 12.14.09 at 6:05 pm

Congratulations, or something. Croak!


Michael Bérubé 12.14.09 at 6:07 pm

Sssssshhh! This is supposed to be a peaceful transition of power. The actual takeover and suspension of the MLA constitution don’t happen for another two years yet.


John Quiggin 12.14.09 at 6:58 pm

The process of ascension seems to be even more elaborate than in the association of which I am president-elect-designate – next but one, in other words. Observing the alarming security breach above, I won’t name it, but the CT coalition is coming together, and the dossiers are being assembled. My cover story, convincing to most, is that I only took the job to keep a Collingwood supporter out.


Michael Bérubé 12.14.09 at 7:09 pm

And don’t forget that McLemee has been elected to infiltrated the board of directors of the National Book Critics Circle. By 2011-12, I think, all the CT pieces should be in place. And then, comrades, we strike!


christian h. 12.14.09 at 7:11 pm

And then, comrades, we strike!

Yeah but will anybody notice?


Substance McGravitas 12.14.09 at 7:16 pm

The stress of conquest has its downside. On the sidebar of Mr. Bérubé’s blog there is a picture of him about to take over the world and he is losing his hair.


Barry 12.14.09 at 7:22 pm

Michael: “And then, comrades, we strike!”

christian h. “Yeah but will anybody notice?”

Yes, the lobbyists will have to open new Swiss bank accounts.


Michael Bérubé 12.14.09 at 7:37 pm

On the sidebar of Mr. Bérubé’s blog there is a picture of him about to take over the world and he is losing his hair.

True. And the recent explosion in the size of my ego, which accounts for that grandiose self-portrait, has left me a bit cross-eyed.


Steve LaBonne 12.14.09 at 7:52 pm

I had no idea that Prof. Bérubé was so deeply involved in the study of maritime law. Must be part of the world takeover plan.


praisegod barebones 12.14.09 at 8:14 pm

I’m genuinely baffled as to which Collingwood John Q. has in mind: Paul, or R.G.?


John Quiggin 12.14.09 at 8:33 pm

#10 PG, you’d be starting on the right track with Cuthbert.


Ingrid Robeyns 12.14.09 at 9:15 pm

Congrats, Michael! Though I have to confess I’ve been even more impressed with “your other major achievement earlier this month”: That was quite amazing, somehow to this emotional person more amazing than being elected Chief.


Ciarán 12.14.09 at 10:33 pm

John Q @3, is it too early to start worrying that those dossiers might be dodgy?


Michael Bérubé 12.14.09 at 11:15 pm

Thanks, Ingrid! I think there’s a way to see these achievements as part of the same campaign: as Bill Benzon suggests in comment 11 in the other thread, “it would be both sublime and funky if, as your first act as MLA President, you created the post of Permanent Advisor on Marine Biology to the Executive Director and then, in grand nepotistic fashion, appointed Jamie to the post.”

Sounds good to me.


John Quiggin 12.15.09 at 3:25 am

Ciarán @ 13, Au contraire, it’s already too late. The Friedmans and Broders are locked in, and all that remains is to announce the targets.


nick s 12.17.09 at 3:00 am

Gosh, I didn’t even bother looking at the ballot this year. Or any year, for that matter.


roac 12.17.09 at 4:55 pm

As a non-academic, I can only hope that your leadership will bring about an Annual Meeting as filled with dramatic denouements as the one at the climax of Small World, which contains the sum total of my knowledge about the MLA.

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