Sunday photoblogging: old boat in Reykjavik harbour

by Chris Bertram on December 14, 2014



Teachable Mo' 12.14.14 at 3:46 pm

Baltic yellow and red. I love those colors.


Alan White 12.14.14 at 11:55 pm

The devil is in the details here. I love your eye for subjects.


mattski 12.14.14 at 11:59 pm

A damn good eye indeed.


MPAVictoria 12.15.14 at 12:28 am

Great, great landscape photos in that set. I am honestly jealous of your talent.


A H 12.15.14 at 3:17 am

Clinker built, like a good viking longship should be.


Trader Joe 12.15.14 at 3:46 pm

Its been many years since my last trip to Iceland so thanks for the memories and nice work. I would have expected at least one puffin however, its hard to take a bad picture of a puffin.


mattski 12.15.14 at 4:38 pm

its hard to take a bad picture of a puffin.

Since you put it that way I’m sure it’s below his talent level!



Eszter 12.17.14 at 6:36 pm

Amazing colors on the bottom!

This photo reminds me of this artist I met at a fair a few months ago:

She has the most amazing captures of trains. This is my favorite (she was selling it with a fantastic frame, which is on my wall now):


Craig 12.18.14 at 1:53 pm

The train rust picture is a good one but I think Chris’s boat picture is better. Not that it is a contest or anything. Excellent picture.

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