Sharing information on student protests

by Ingrid Robeyns on May 21, 2015


Students and staff who are occupying and protesting: share information!
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Where are the women in the history of open source?

by Sumana Harihareswara on May 21, 2015

Hi – Sumana Harihareswara here. You might remember me from [my April guest post about free/open source software, licensing, and codes of conduct in open
communities]( In that piece I took a stab at thinking about some useful vocabulary and distinctions that help us understand the political values and intuitions common to those communities. Today I’m considering where we got frameworks that we free software/open source folks often take for granted, and specifically what might have been erased from our intellectual heritage due to sexism.

As a soundtrack to this piece, consider [“Erase Me” by Ben Folds Five]( (off *The Sound of the Life of the Mind*) and [“Whatever You Want” by programmer Vienna Teng]( *Dreaming Through the Noise*; I recently heard tell that “Whatever You Want” is inspired by the film *Office Space*, which is amazing.)

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