Sunday photoblogging: Washington Monument with plane

by Chris Bertram on January 10, 2016

Washington Monument with plane



Sumana Harihareswara 01.10.16 at 2:39 pm

Wow! I had not anticipated that you could take a photo of that monument such that the top looked squared off rather than pointy! Neat!


Alan White 01.10.16 at 3:25 pm

Timing was everything in getting this. Great photo.


Bill Benzon 01.10.16 at 5:01 pm

Great capture!


Ben Alpers 01.10.16 at 6:54 pm

A nice example of the rule of thirds, more or less.


js. 01.10.16 at 9:24 pm

Lovely stuff. I also really like the blue of the sky—not that easy to get it to look like that, I find.


engels 01.11.16 at 12:05 am

Great colours, great composition. There’s a nice energy from the plane being just short of arriving at the point where lines extending from the sides of the monument would cross in the sky (maybe)


john c. halasz 01.11.16 at 2:00 am

Do you still use analog film? Your blues are intense.


Dave Maier 01.11.16 at 4:20 am

Philosopher Roger Scruton, who argues on theoretical grounds that photography cannot be art, can go jump in the lake.


Chris Bertram 01.11.16 at 8:05 am

Thanks people.

@john No (or at least not here). But I shoot RAW and then use various Lightroom settings that mimic slide film.

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