What Music Are You listening to This Week

by Belle Waring on August 29, 2017

The recurring series that’s actually pretty popular, dammit. Also I get sweet music recs every time. Otpup pointed out that the new LCD Soundsystem is great, and although they have only released three of the songs off the new album, I have been listening to them on repeat as I do my morning 1-hour hike that I do before the sun comes up because I am a person of unusual virtue and my life has changed and now I am up from the front end instead of from the other end if you see what I mean. Also it’s really hot when the sun comes up in Singapore. Of course, it’s so muggy before the sun comes up that I come home in a lather of sweat anyway, but hey. I see lots of old people doing tai chi in the park, and occasionally monkeys. Not doing tai chi, as far as I can tell. Otpup posted “Call The Police”, so here’s “Tonite.”

I’m not 1000% sold on The War on Drugs, but I’m warming up to it. And this song is great. Damn this dude must do a good Dylan cover though.

This is one of my favorite songs from The Clash’s Sandinista:

It’s strange in a way how like this the towers of Singapores HDB blocks look, in huge clusters, but neatly painted with graded hues on the brick ends, some blues, some reds, some yellows, all planted around with tidy gardens, all surrounded with new cars.
My Neighbors
Sorry, there were much better photos but they maxed out the side of the blog. Anyway, this is in my neighborhood, so there’s that.

I have the Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox that appears in the video at 4:17 and carried it as a purse for a number of years, a choice I now regard as dubious.

Is there a name for the songwriting device of setting up an obvious rhyme and then not using it? Pavement is particularly inclined to this but there’s an example in LCD Soundsystem’s “Tonite” also:

Sure enemies haunt you with spit and derision
But friends are the ones who can put you in exile

You are expecting “prison” at that point, oder?



JakeB 08.29.17 at 3:23 am

Well, it’s music, educational!, and it delighted me, so I’m going to share:


Belle Waring 08.29.17 at 5:44 am



Sumana Harihareswara 08.29.17 at 2:30 pm

I’m enjoying this chunk of electronica by @andrewcb.


James 08.29.17 at 4:41 pm

I really wish the late Jeffrey Smart had visited Singapore in his lifetime and painted some bright HDB blocks against a blue sky.


Adam 08.29.17 at 6:07 pm

The new Tera Melos is excellent weird math/pop


Stacy 08.29.17 at 6:43 pm

Nice picks. I’m also nursing a bit of 90s musical nostalgia lately (always?)(nothing better encapsulates that moment in alt/indie for me than Pavement — not Nirvana, not the Pixies).

Newer music evoking 120 Minutes stuck in my rotation of late…

Loving the Slowdive reunion LP. Also Preoccupations (nee Viet Cong), which is, by my reckoning, one of the better Joy Division facsimiles working the post-punk space (even sharing the problematic band name trope).


Ginger Yellow 08.30.17 at 12:21 pm

Is there a name for the songwriting device of setting up an obvious rhyme and then not using it?

I call it “intended rhyme”, but there’s probably an accepted term for it I don’t know. Dylan does it a lot, with some great examples in Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream:

He even highlights the device itself in the song:

I decided to flip a coin, like either heads or tails,
Would let me know if I should go back to ship or back to jail.
So I hocked my sailor’s suit an’ I got a coin to flip.
It came up tails, it rhymed with sails, so I made it back to the ship.


Jayden Sparenborg 08.30.17 at 7:15 pm

Great list!


J-D 08.31.17 at 12:37 am

I don’t know an accepted name for the device, but it’s been used not only by songwriters but (systematically) by the originator of this limerick:

There once was a man of Dunoon
Who always ate soup with a fork
For he said, ‘As I eat
‘Neither fish, fowl, nor flesh
‘I should finish my dinner too quick.’


bob mcmanus 09.02.17 at 4:48 am

I should link a video, but I don’t know how.

Discovery this week: Rodrigo y Gabriela. Fun! Flamenco for metalheads. Everybody else knew them right? Anybody else remember Carmen, Fandangos in Space? Progressive 70s group performed with castanets.

Also, madrigals and Luzzasco Luzzaschi. Neat name.

Stuck dogsitting our crated heartworm incapacitated rescue Anatolian Shepherd (he’ll be fine) away from the computer, I was forced to listen to the cable music channels. Jazz wasn’t bad, and I heard some 21st Century sounds I would otherwise not hear. Didn’t write names down though.

Out of pot. Good thing. Lord was this a super stoned summer. Did anybody notice? Gonna take a few months, maybe six off. I can tell ya, smoke enough, you get some fierce proof of increased testosterone levels with abuse. Just saying, and will say no more.


Kiwanda 09.03.17 at 1:34 am

Don’t know how these will format….




Portugal. The Man


Belle Waring 09.04.17 at 1:10 am

bob, I’m sorry to hear both that your dog is sick and that you’re out of pot. I don’t know that anytime in the next 3.5 years is really going to be a good time to cut down. But good luck if that’s what you’d prefer; it can be tough!


otpup 09.04.17 at 1:14 am

Mentioned in a post! That’s probably as much greatness brushing as I can process for a while. I am glad you liked the new LCD stuff as much as I have. ;->


otpup 09.04.17 at 1:20 am

The tetris song reminds me that their more left opponents used to sing a history of the Schachmanite movement to the tune of Gilligan’s Island, sorry no link. (I am guessing the same parody has been done in many other contexts).


LFC 09.04.17 at 6:45 pm

a history of the Schachmanite movement to the tune of Gilligan’s Island, sorry no link

I only vaguely recall the tune of Gilligan’s Island, but a history of the Schachmanite mvt to that or any other jingly TV tune barely computes. Actually it doesn’t. For one thing, there’s a limited number of people who wd get the references, i wd think.


As to the OP question, I’m prob usu not listening to much that this crowd wd find that interesting or congenial (or much, period), but recently: All You Gotta Do, The Nighthawks (EllerSoul Records, 2017).


otpup 09.05.17 at 3:18 am

LFC, absolutely, I did not mean to imply it was or should be a popular cult. artifact comparable to any posted.
(and should be Shachtmanite, my bad).

The song of course was part of sectarian left culture/infighting so the intended audience of the in-jokes numbered in the hundreds (being very generous) though the Schactmanites themselves (as you most likely know, LFC) are well pretty well known in the social sciences and 20C American history for their singular career trajectory .

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
The tale of faithful sect…
(and so on)


LFC 09.05.17 at 3:08 pm


I can actually hear the song in my imagination now ;)

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