Sunday photoblogging: Uppsala, stormy sky

by Chris Bertram on November 5, 2017

Uppsala - stormy sky



Mary Ellen Sandahl 11.05.17 at 10:53 pm

Very, very atmospheric. The sky, the winter-braced bare trees, the light angling in low, the turbulent water… not hard to imagine the severe paganism that was reportedly practiced here in a major way centuries ago.


Alan White 11.06.17 at 12:16 am

A very interesting perspective. What is the structure to the left that seems to be surrounded by water? Very good picture.


Olle J. 11.06.17 at 9:59 am

Alan White: The structure to the left is a mill. There has been a mill on that small islet since the 13th century or somewhere around that time. The current building is from the 18th century and holds a museum, Upplandmuseet.

Here is an old photo (from the 1960s) from the opposite direction:


Donald A. Coffin 11.06.17 at 5:26 pm

Great, great picture…a fairly long exposure, I assume?


Jeffrey Davis 11.06.17 at 9:42 pm

Love the texture of the water and the stones.


Alan White 11.07.17 at 12:11 am

Olle J–thanks so much! And that’s a great b&w of the mill from the other direction.

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