Sunday photoblogging: Newcastle

by Chris Bertram on September 30, 2018

I was up in Newcastle this week (the first time I’ve visited the city). Lots of dramatic photo-opportunities, particularly of buildings dwarfed by bridges in the city-centre. Unfortunately, at the only time I had to take pictures, the weather was rather overcast.




Dipper 09.30.18 at 6:38 pm

nice photo.

Gives me an opportunity to recommend the film Get Carter, which features lots of Newcastle architecture, some of it now gone, as well as a lot of dodgy Geordie accents.


David Evans 09.30.18 at 7:43 pm

I always love the detail and the quality of light in your photos. I have the 20mm lens on a GX8. Must try harder.


Alan White 09.30.18 at 9:22 pm

That’s a beauty.


bad Jim 10.01.18 at 6:54 am

Oh yeah. That’s a nice one. The framing gray-brown masonry of the arch, the friendly tilt and rounded front of the block of red brick shops and apartments, the aperiodic embellishments of the roof line, the variation of window shape from foot to top.

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