Welcome Macarena Marey!

by Chris Bertram on December 15, 2022

When we renewed our roster of bloggers a little while ago, I mentioned that there would be more announcements to come. Today I’m very happy to say that Macarena Marey will be joining us at Crooked Timber. I met Macarena a few years ago at a workshop in Bayreuth and was immediately impressed by her combination of rigorous scholarship (there mainly on Kant’s poltical philosophy) with passionate commitment. Macarena was born in a little city by the sea in the Argentinian province of Buenos Aires. She’s been living in the city of Buenos Aires since she was 4, so one could say that she is “porteña”. She is a Researcher at CONICET (the National Scientific and Technical Research Council for Argentina) and Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires as well as being director of the Centre for Critical Studies and Philosophy of the Present at the Institute of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UBA. She is currently working on problems of political participation and on the work of the first American Marxist, José Carlos Mariátegui. She is the mother of Elías (10) and Galileo (3). Galileo is currently helping her learn a lot about ableism and how to fight it by unmasking autism, while Elías teaches her all about the science of engines in general and Formula 1 in particular. We look forward to reading what Macarena has to say!



Chris Armstrong 12.15.22 at 11:20 am

Welcome on board, Macarena!


Paul Segal 12.15.22 at 12:15 pm

Bienvenida Macarena!


steven t johnson 12.15.22 at 2:09 pm

Mariategui was not the first American Marxist. Even if you rule out all immigrants as not really “American,” there was for just one example Daniel DeLeon. Did Macarena claim this?


Macarena 12.15.22 at 4:14 pm

Hi, Steven! I am not the author of the turn of phrase. It is an intertextuality with Melis’ famous text, “Mariátegui, primer marxista de América” (“América” the continent, not the United States of America; JCM was Peruvian, not an inmigrant, of course you know this, but just in case). Moreover, the provocative idea is meant to highlight that he was one of the first Marxist theorist in América, someone who was not only a militant but also a sound Marxist philosopher who have made huge contributions to the Marxism.

Here Melis’ text (in Spanish): http://ru.ffyl.unam.mx/bitstream/handle/10391/3039/95_CCLat_1979_Melis.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

Soon an entry about Mariátegui and territorial rights will appear in the Global Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights (Springer), I would love to share it with you to know what you think!

Thank you :-)


Macarena 12.15.22 at 4:21 pm

to Marxism, not “to the Marxism”


Ingrid Robeyns 12.15.22 at 9:33 pm

Looking forward reading your pieces, Macarena!

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