Notice about Harry’s father, Sir Tim Brighouse

by Maria on December 16, 2023

I know many Crooked Timber readers will want to mark the passing of Harry’s father, Tim Brighouse. Harry has sometimes written here about his father’s pedagogy and influence, and more obliquely at his singularity and sheer loveliness. Today’s Guardian newspaper carries an obituary:

“Teachers and education experts this weekend paid tribute to Sir Tim Brighouse, “one of the great educators of this century” and “a delightful human being”, who has died at the age of 83.”

A life truly well spent is the best rejoinder to our inevitable mortality, and Tim clearly did so much for so many people with his. But I do still wish for the UK that it had been the sort of country, these last couple of decades, that could have put him in a position where he may have done even more.

Our sympathies, Harry, to you and yours.



oldster 12.16.23 at 10:41 pm

That’s a lovely obit.
Harry, I’m sorry for your loss.
But you should know that you’ve had a similar positive effect on teaching in the States, through your work in Madison, and through your posts here.


MisterMr 12.17.23 at 3:45 pm

Condolences to Harry.


Suzanne 12.18.23 at 4:58 am

My condolences. He does indeed sound like a lovely person who left the world the better for his having been in it.


Alan White 12.18.23 at 6:15 am

Harry has lived up to this legacy brilliantly; a tribute to him and his father.


Z 12.18.23 at 3:33 pm

Someone who fought for a better world passed away. We will remember what he did, and keep on the fight. Condolences to Harry.


Deyasi 12.22.23 at 7:14 pm

So sorry to hear about Harry’s father. My deepest condolences.

We lost my father this past month, too. As usual, Maria, you said it so well: “A life truly well spent is the best rejoinder to our inevitable mortality…” I’d like to think my father accomplished that, too.


Harry 12.22.23 at 8:05 pm

Thanks Maria.

I’m back home from visiting the family, and still at the point that it doesn’t seem real. What makes it particularly not seem real is the outpouring of affection for him on social media and in the press. Even the Telegraph’s obit is more than merely respectful. It has definitely helped us all.

I’ve written a very long post which I’ll put up in due course…

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