Usual Suspects

by Henry on April 20, 2005

Don’t know about you lot, but this Glenn Reynolds shortie conjured up some unfortunate images in my mind.

Brad DeLong’s transformation into a political scientist appears to be advancing rapidly.

And this paper on voting in the mediaeval church provides some evidence that social choice theory is an outgrowth of Frances Yates’ Hermetic Tradition (it mentions in passing that Ramon Lull and Nicholas of Cusa anticipated some of the key arguments of voting theory a few centuries early).



Chris Martin 04.20.05 at 12:49 pm

There seems to be a problem with the RSS feed.


arthur 04.20.05 at 2:45 pm

For me, “this Glenn Reynolds shortie” conjured up a far more unfortunate image than the Glenn Reynolds shortie itself.


Ted 04.20.05 at 3:18 pm

I hear you, Arthur.

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