For You, to Cheer You Up

by Belle Waring on January 17, 2017

Car Seat Headrest is a good band. Like, damn, so amazing. Maybe the acme of “anything could be a bandname” naming, but I don’t care. The album Teens of Denial is just crazy good, like a Pavement had sex with Guided by Voices album delivered from your dreams, but with Belle and Sebastian story songs?

Also the 2016 Bon Iver Album is great and I didn’t know (John and I haven’t lived in the same town since June or he would have told me, probably ;__; ).

So now you can go listen to good music, and let’s all celebrate MLK day by figuring out if we can get to the Women’s March nearest us on the 21st. I may be able to go to the one in DC, if my insurance company will agree to pay for a thing at the Mayo in time! Cross fingers for me. If not I can go here in Phoenix.

Also, watercolors of Finn Family Moomintroll!



oldster 01.17.17 at 3:13 pm

Yup, I am headed to DC for the March. Hope to see you there.


ZM 01.18.17 at 12:11 am

Now I worked out the Svengali behind Joanna Newsom and Bon Iver. Both have fragments of the same writing style in their records, and one record by Stephen Malkmus has a fragment of this same writing style in. I call it “the funny little voice” writing style. It has given me no end of trouble to work out whose voice it is. Now I worked it out last night – Noah Georgesson! His career was going badly in the 2000s and he is older than me and has a Masters in writing for orchestra and computer. Sue Schofield offered him a career boost and fame for being a Svengali for Joanna Newsom, then got him to do Bon Iver too. He does a fragment in Stephen Malkmus and possibly has done other fragments, I think he also had a coordinating role like composing for orchestra made out of lots of indie musicians in Sue Schofield’s sex ring. You can tell the funny little voice isn’t from Sue Schofield, since fragments of her songwriting appear in many records and she has a plonky musical style and declaratory writing style where she says dumb things in a declaratory way as if the declaratory had to make something true. Noah Georgesson got a great boost to his career, and went on to win a Billboard award or Grammy or something,


Ryan M 01.19.17 at 12:16 am

Don’t take this the wrong way, but your taste in music has me pleasantly surprised. Big kiss from Phoenix.


The Temporary Name 01.19.17 at 6:42 pm

Good luck with the insurance and thanks for cheering me up.


CDT 01.20.17 at 5:38 pm

My wife and I are going with a group, and we would be happy to give you a lift if you remain stranded in Phoenix. Even on a Saturday, the State Capitol will be a half hour or so away from the State Capitol.


Belle Waring 01.20.17 at 6:54 pm

Ooh thanks CDT; maybe I’ll email you (we can see the email addys you provide but never do anything with them obviously).


CDT 01.21.17 at 1:50 am

No trouble at all. It would be a small repayment for all of the fun we’ve had reading LGM. If nothing else, email me for some good restaurant suggestions.


CDT 01.21.17 at 2:58 pm

I meant CT. Had Lawyers Guns and Money on the brain. In any event, if your mother told you never to get in a car with strangers, I used my work email for this post. Other than the lawyer thing, I’m semi-reputable, although less so than my wife..

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