Cue Drumrolls

by Henry Farrell on March 17, 2004

Congratulations to Kevin Drum for having effectively “taken over”: the Washington Monthly’s website with his rather excellent blog. I note for the record that I “argued”: last month that hybridization with blogs was likely the way forward for magazines of opinion. Clearly the proprietors of the Washington Monthly agree. It’s a magazine that has been doing quite well the last year; I suspect that its links to the blogosphere (through Josh Marshall and Nick Confessore) have already been helping it get the word out to potential subscribers. More power to them.

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Chris Martin 03.18.04 at 3:32 pm

I must be missing something but I don’t see his name or his blog anywhere on their home page.

Oh wait if I do a hard refresh it shows up. But if I click at the logo at the top of his blog it goes back to the ToC page. And both have the same url. Bad usability.

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