Spot the Difference

by Tom on July 31, 2004

Our wise masters at the UK’s Home Office have decreed that, being bears of little brain, Her Majesty’s loyal subjects can’t be trusted to distinguish between Preparing for Emergencies, the official government site designed to scare the living shite out of us all by waving the threat of a terrorist attack in our faces offer useful information to concerned citizens about the government’s plans for coping with a terrorist attack, and this parody.

Reflecting this view, a nameless Blunkett flunky sent the following to the irresponsible and frankly unpatriotic author of the latter, one Thomas Scott:

Dear Mr Scott,

Regarding your website,

We run the Government website for the Preparing for Emergencies public information campaign, on, and are very concerned that the material on your site will confuse people about the sensitive advice and information that we are giving to the public.

This is a very is [sic] serious campaign that should not be trivialised. In the interests of helping people to cope in the event of a crisis or a disaster we would ask that you to take down the site, immediately, and not put it up again in another guise.


[name removed]

Quite right too. That the site is a parody is concealed by such fiendish means as heading up every page with the logo of the Department of Vague Paranoia, and like, totally screwing with your head by pointing out in the Terms and Conditions for the site that

This is a parody. Don’t take any of the advice on it seriously.

I fear that it won’t be possible to whizz Mr Scott off to Guantanamo immediately given the appalling influence of 60’s liberalism over the pill-popping leftist judges we have to endure in this country, so I’ll just say this: if I needed a website built, I’d feel it to be my patriotic duty to push the commission in Mr Scott’s direction, if only to ensure that he no longer has time to engage in this kind of Objectively Satiritical activity.

For shame, Thomas Scott.



PG 08.01.04 at 2:05 am

Reminds me of the whitehouse domain issue.


fyreflye 08.01.04 at 3:50 am

Is Mr Blunkett one of the 100 leading British intellectuals or an also-ran?


Bob 08.01.04 at 11:04 am

“The Labour peer Helena Kennedy QC described Mr Blunkett as a ‘shameless authoritarian’ and called his ideas ‘an affront to the rule of law’. She compared him to the Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe.” – from:,12780,1137493,00.html


Chris Corrigan 08.04.04 at 7:38 am

God forbid the American authorities discover his side splitting parody of their immigration booklet:

Brilliant. Especially the bit about the magic floating book.

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