by Henry Farrell on August 18, 2005

More interesting things from around the WWW.

Scott McLemee is back from a break, with two great columns. The “first”: is on Alfredo Perez’s “Political Theory Daily Review”:, which is one of my daily reads, and imo a simply terrific resource. It beats the better-known “Arts and Letters Daily” hands-down in terms of depth of coverage and (for me) interest. Somebody needs to give this guy a paid job doing this full-time The second is an “essay”: on the mutual disdain of academia and journalism for each other, defending intellectual border-crossing and amateurism, in the original sense of the word.

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies has set up a “German elections blog”: with commentary in English from German journalists and experts. Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to give a plug to “Sign and Sight”: feuilletons page for a while; it’s a great way of keeping up with the intellectual debate in Germany and elsewhere.

Tim Harford and others have set up the World Bank’s first “blog”:, which aims to promote private sector approaches to international development.

My old colleague, Ron Deibert has set up “Civiblog”:, a free blogging service for people involved in NGOs and civil society organizations.