The one where I play Wonkette

by Ted on August 14, 2005

A little bird forwarded this to my mailbox, and I’m pretty sure that it’s completely untrue. Still, it seemed too hot to bury. Enjoy.


I think that we’ve got a buyer for Unfit To Grieve: The Real Cindy Sheehan. Regnery is already covering their bases with a quickie by Michelle Malkin- In Defense of Public Stocks. I guess that Crown Forum is cashing in by retitling Michael J. Totten’s pop-up book (sorry, “3-D photo-Fisking with interactive elements”- whatever!) “LOOK, BAD SOLDIER MOMMY”.

But Joanne at Sentinel HC is very, very interested. If you can have an outline by Monday afternoon, and a manuscript by Sunday, they can send it to print before the end of August. (Jonah says he can guest-host your show next week, if you need him.) I know I don’t have to tell you this, but make sure to spellcheck thoroughly before you send it on- they don’t check shit there.

You’re a pro, and you’ve got Nexis, so I’m not worried. You’ve got a bunch of angles: the flip-flops, problems in her marriage, the Israel thing, the groups supporting her, the rumors surrounding Casey’s conception, the dirty hippies camping out with her. Karl’s got his hands full (obviously), but he’s trying to QUICKLY get his hands on her tax records. Plus, Ed Klein emailed to say that he’s got some dirt on Casey! I’m forwarding his contact info if you don’t have it. (Who luvs ya?)

I know you read PowerLine; I think the frame of “The Good” and “The Bad” is a strong one that readers can identify with. We’ve got the rights to about twenty pages’ worth of funny photoshops of Michael Moore, so we can always fall back on that if need be.