by Henry Farrell on December 6, 2005

Three discussions worth taking note of.

* Our own Eszter Hargittai will be talking about blogging with Dan Drezner and Sean Carroll on “Milt Rosenberg’s show”:http://www.wgnradio.com/weblog/archives/miltsfile/2005/12/06/index.html#a000939 on Chicago radio station WGN this evening. Should be fun.

* The Chronicle is running a “discussion”:http://chronicle.com/colloquy/2005/12/procrastination/chat.php3 tomorrow on “how to beat academic procrastination”:http://chronicle.com/free/v52/i16/16a03001.htm with professor of psychology, William Ferrari. Leave yer questions or comments “here”:http://chronicle.com/colloquy/2005/12/procrastination/question.php3. Left untouched is the topic of whether some “forms of procrastination”:http://www-csli.stanford.edu/~john/procrastination.html may actually make you productive.

* Our libertarian comrades at the Cato Institute have created a new institution, “Cato Unbound”:http://www.cato-unbound.org/about-cato-unbound/. Each month, they’ll have an essay by some luminary, responses to that essay, and trackbacks to blogs that take up the discussion. Not entirely unlike our Crooked Timber seminars, albeit somewhat more ambitious in scope. It looks to be a very interesting experiment – blog/online discussions of this kind seem to me to have a lot of potential to shake up the academy.

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bob mcmanus 12.06.05 at 6:51 pm

Ok, I subscribed on my bloglines list. Number 124.
I had skimmed Buchanan’s articles via Will Wilkinson earlier this week, and thought it just a little on the scary & irresponsible libertarian spectrum. But then, in preparation for a question I was going to ask, I looked up Buchanan’s credentials, and he has a Nobel, so maybe I will read it again.

I read Wilkinson regularly, and admire his work, to the degree I can understand it. I am certainly not qualified to refute it, however much I may intuitively be appalled by some of his and Cato’s conclusions. I do believe libertarianism to be in some kind of crisis, for any path from our present circumstances to a more libertarian society seems less clear than it was ten years ago.

In any case, my question was trivial, and involved “shaking up the academy” with blogs. Are the larger “think tanks” (Cato, Heritage, Rand)affiliated with universities? Are their members always affiliated? I had not before you mentioned it considered Cato Institute “part of the academic community”, and I am curious as to the relationship.


Luis Villa 12.06.05 at 7:59 pm

My sense is that the precise point is that they are outside of academia- the established academy does not really have much incentive to shake things up. [More on this later…]


RS 12.07.05 at 6:28 pm

Hey, thanks so much for providing a link to a long article on procrastination… I yet again manage to avoid writing a small part of a small chapter of a modest dissertation! Good move, Crooked Timber!


dearieme 12.07.05 at 7:19 pm

Well naturally that procrastination thing is tomorrow.

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