Weekend map projects

by Eszter Hargittai on May 26, 2006


There are some exciting developments in the online map space these days. WikiMapia is a wiki approach to Google Maps that let’s you add notes and tags to maps all over. MapCruncher is a program that lets you draw maps on top of other maps (or something like that). I haven’t been able to try out the latter yet due to some of the requirements, but I’m hoping it’ll come together soon as it sounds very promising.

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UPDATE: I finally got MapCruncher to work. It requires Windows XP and the .NET 2.0 runtime, which is not as obvious as the Web site makes it sound. Also, rendering the map (overlaying the north-side map of the Chicago El on Virtual Earth) took about 18 minutes, not the 5-10 the site suggests.

UPDATE2: Parts of WikiMapia are starting to get quite a bit of information. Here is the White House area.. not surprisingly with some fairly random commentary as well.



roger 05.27.06 at 2:28 pm

It would be nice if someone got Richard L. Miller to digitalize his maps of total fallout in the U.S. from his Atlas, which is unique in its kind — it attempts to trace all radioactive material distributed in the fallout pathways from nuclear tests, county by county in the U.S. The national health institute only traces radioactive iodine. Miller meant his atlas to be used by doctors. Here’s the amazon description:


SteveAudio 05.29.06 at 2:12 am

Google Earth works as well as these, IMHO, and there is a Mac version available.

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