Be True to Your Scene

by Ted on June 1, 2006

It’s probably long since time that I hang up my blogging spurs. This isn’t a result of any sort of bad news; mostly, it’s just a matter of time. I’ve been increasingly unable or unwilling to carve it out, and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

I don’t want to write a “whither blogging?” bit any more than you want to read it, so I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that I believe that Sturgeon’s Law (“Ninety percent of everything is crap”) has proven to be much more supportable than each and every rah-rah slogan about how “the blogosphere is self-correcting” or whatnot. I still believe that there are plenty of jewels in the political blogosphere making the world a slightly better place, including (but certainly not limited to) Obsidian Wings, Radley Balko, Kevin Drum, The Editors, Jim Henley, Brad DeLong, Tim Lambert… And that Matt Welch’s old article has held up better than most anything I’d have written.

It was an act of extraordinary generosity for the brilliant folks here at Crooked Timber to give me a platform and lend me some of their credibility. I hope that I haven’t tarnished it too badly. It’s been a great pleasure and honor to be part of the crew here, and I wish them nothing but continued success and good luck.



Vance Maverick 06.02.06 at 12:33 am

We’ll miss you, Ted. (And what have you done with Montagu Norman?)


yoyo 06.02.06 at 2:54 am



Chris Bertram 06.02.06 at 3:29 am

Many thanks to Ted for some great posts over the years!

( “Montagu”: is on an extended “sabbatical”. But he may send us the occasional post from time to time on subjects of great sensitivity. Whether we get them or not will depend on whether we are all sitting around the Ouija board at the right moment.)


almostinfamous 06.02.06 at 4:15 am

wish you the best, ted.


Anthony 06.02.06 at 4:58 am

All the best. You’ve been a perfect piece of pop candy.


Sam 06.02.06 at 6:28 am

When the definitive history of blogging is written, there will be a chapter about your lightbulb jokes. Enjoy not blogging!


Barry 06.02.06 at 7:37 am

It was nice having you while you were here. Good luck!


rea 06.02.06 at 8:15 am

Oh, man, how can you give up blogging? It’s like giving up breathing!


norbizness 06.02.06 at 8:32 am

Is this like your 12th retirement? I’m outta gold watches!


Andrew Edwards 06.02.06 at 9:20 am


I’ve been reading your writing since the dawn of blogging, and I’ve appreciated all your writing.

Thanks and Best wishes.


JeffL 06.02.06 at 9:50 am

Sorry to see you go, Ted, you’ve always been on of my favs. Best of luck!


francis 06.02.06 at 12:45 pm

bad link to The Editors.

thanks for sharing your thoughts. i enjoyed reading them.


luci 06.02.06 at 2:38 pm

Been wondering where the posts from Ted have been lately. Enjoyed your voice there, Ted…and don’t let Houston get you!


Thlayli 06.02.06 at 4:35 pm

Pax vobiscum, Ted.

And thanks for the lightbulb-joke thread — still the best ever.


Gary Farber 06.02.06 at 9:08 pm

That sucks. There’s no reason to be binary about this. Post when you like, and not when you don’t like.

Come back soon.


Andrew Northrup 06.02.06 at 9:26 pm

Well, shit.

If you ever get the bug, the Institute has a chair with your name on it.


Randy Paul 06.02.06 at 10:05 pm


You were always one of the classiest people in blogging. I hope you’ll be back.


Katherine 06.03.06 at 9:15 pm

Ted, you’re a true mensch and will be sorely missed. I hope you’re as good at quitting for real as I proved….

Lightbulb week, for posterity.


Tim Lambert 06.03.06 at 9:45 pm

Best wishes and I’m honoured that grouped with such leet bloggers.


Adam Kotsko 06.04.06 at 6:22 pm

Wouldn’t it be pax tibi? Vos is plural. Or is there more than one Ted?

…. there would, um, have to be since he’s such a great blogger!

Enjoy your retirement.


djw 06.04.06 at 7:19 pm


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