Ah, Tucson in June

by Kieran Healy on June 7, 2006

From the weather forecast on the radio this morning: “Highs around 100 until Friday, warming up after that.” I’m looking forward to next month, when I’ll be in Palo Alto.



W. Kiernan 06.07.06 at 11:33 am

I remember seeing the bank thermometers in Tucson top a hundred degrees every day at 7:15 AM. I live in Tampa now. Every year at June first, I feel like I’ve been sentenced by a mean judge to 122 days in the county jail, and I start ticking off the miserable, sweaty days of punishment until October first. (IIII II) I say that ninety degrees with ninety percent humidity, which we’ll endure for the next four months, is lots more uncomfortable than your one hundred and five degrees and zero humidity in Tucson. (That’s how I feel, being from Ohio originally. My wife, a native, actually likes the weather here. But she’s insane.)

Of course if you don’t wear your big hat and carry your bottle of water and you’re stuck for hours under the bare Tucson sun you won’t just be uncomfortable; you might end up dead. On the other hand, where you’re at it’s a one-hour car drive up to the top of Mt. Lemmon, where it’s so nice and cool.


Eszter 06.07.06 at 11:34 am

They’d have to tell you it’s going to warm up after that just in case you were starting to get concerned about the cool weather.

So what will you be up to in Palo Alto?


Chris Bertram 06.07.06 at 11:44 am

Currently in Bristol (England) it is 71°F and 59% relative Humidity. I have to say I find that quite unpleasantly hot. 86°F is threatened for Sunday.


W. Kiernan 06.07.06 at 11:59 am

That’s it, Bertram, I’m lookin you up and kickin your ass.

No, that would be wrong. Instead I’ll just wait until around New Year’s. I’ll bring my camera to Holmes Beach, and then I’ll email you some pix of seashells lying on the sand, me ‘n’ the kids splashing around in our tee-shirts and cut-offs, the dolphins cruising the shoreline like they do, pretty girls strolling the beach in their bikinis, etc., etc.


Kieran Healy 06.07.06 at 12:52 pm

I say that ninety degrees with ninety percent humidity, which we’ll endure for the next four months, is lots more uncomfortable than your one hundred and five degrees and zero humidity in Tucson.

True, but the trouble is that you lose your tolerance for humidity really fast: I lived in New Jersey for six years, where the summers are also disgusting, and the arid air of Tucson was great when I got here first. But now, like other Tucsonans, the ~20 percent humidity in the Monsoon season feels awful. So now I am a humidity wimp.

As for duration, we’ll have +90 degrees until October as well. Still, beats -20 in Michigan or Wisconsin or Minnesota during the teaching year.


a 06.07.06 at 1:22 pm

Beautiful, sunny, and in the low 20s (C) in Paris.


homais 06.07.06 at 3:17 pm

Since everyone else is chiming in with weather reports, I might as well stand in solidarity with you: it’s usually in the low 100s here in Damascus. No humidity, but the sun is blistering and there’s little wind during the day. You walk around in a heat pocket that feels like humidity, except that you dehydrate quicker.


eszter 06.07.06 at 3:56 pm

NJ has seen way too much rain in the past week or so, I’m really sick of it. (Needless to say, I have pictures.) I don’t even really care about the temp, I just want it to stop raining. Then again, I’m leaving so it doesn’t concern me that much anymore. I’d take a cold need-your-sunglasses-sunny Chicago winter day over this any time.


Commenterlein 06.07.06 at 4:09 pm

Sitting in Boston with another flood-watch due to torrential rain. We had one last week. And one the week before. Rainiest “spring” ever.


John Quiggin 06.07.06 at 5:23 pm

Brisbane has had morning minumums in the single-digits (C) for a couple of weeks now. We’re all putting on brave faces and consoling each other with stories of how much worse it is “Down South”. There was a heavy frost in the nearby Darling Downs, which earned a full colour front page photo in the main daily newspaper.

Of course, it will be hot & humid in summer.


rilkefan 06.07.06 at 8:27 pm

It’s hot in Palo Alto, reaching 80 F tomorrow. Just looked at an unshaded duplex without air conditioning – no.


bob mcmanus 06.07.06 at 9:20 pm

Dallas, 95+ high with 40% humidity, lows of 75 with 75% humidity. No rain. That is pretty much the forecast til fall. Walked my dogs three miles in two hours this morning, and we drank a gallon of water.

But honestly y’all have made me feel much better. Except for the evil ones.


aaron 06.07.06 at 10:31 pm

It’s been around 110 here lately, but yesterday it was only in the high 90s. However it was humid and decidedly more uncomfortable. I hope I don’t lose my tolerance for humidity (I shouldn’t the end of the summer here is suposed to be humid) since in Michigan it’s hot and humid in the summer and freezing in the winter.


Canny 06.08.06 at 12:22 am

Such a weather can drive anyone insane. Even i dont know how long ll this 100 is going to continue.
Nways lets hope a bit better after friday.


dearieme 06.08.06 at 6:50 am

You guys really should swap to centigrade: 38 degrees is so much more bearable.

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