Got a few hours?

by Eszter Hargittai on October 27, 2006

Vivian’s recent comment wondering whether my work would interfere with my ability to post Friday time-sink amusements reminded me that I should not abandon my important role in keeping you from doing whatever it is that you had planned to do when you sat down at your computer.

This weekend’s amusement is brought to you by Jeux Chiants (yeah, I know, you’ll have to excuse my French).

Of the large selection, my highest recommendation goes to Double Jeu. You won’t miss much by not speaking French, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just don’t let either ball drop. Hah, and doesn’t that sound easy? The one thing you’ll miss out on by not speaking French is the derogatory comments after you mess up. I managed to get up to 24.5 32.8 seconds. If anyone does it longer and understands the resulting comment, I’d be curious to hear if you ever get a true heartfelt congratulations.

I thought Labyflou was reasonably amusing and you can get it the first time around. It’s also not addictive, once is about enough.

Le jeu du ver is not bad. It’s one of those games that starts out almost too easy, but then gets significantly harder with each level.

Finally, La souris est invisible is a good reminder of how dependent we may or may not be on visual cues when using the mouse.



Peter Levine 10.27.06 at 8:06 pm

The link for La souris est invisible should be:


Eszter 10.27.06 at 8:12 pm

Oh right, thanks! Fixed.


jhupp 10.27.06 at 9:31 pm

I’m pretty sure “C’est exactement le temps qu’a fait Paris Hilton, bravo!” is self-explanatory.


stuart 10.27.06 at 9:43 pm

Yeah, gets very tough once you get to 30s and beyond, the small ball starts moving fast enough to no allow you any real chance of stabilising the lower ball. Good fun for a few minutes though.


Sean 10.27.06 at 11:01 pm

I managed a 37.597 after half a dozen attempts. My reward?

“Wahou, quel score! Bon, c’est pas encore le top, mais c’est quand meme pas mal quand on voit ta tete.”

It’s not exactly subtle as backhanded compliments go.


Gracchi 10.28.06 at 1:40 am

You are evil! This is going to ruin my day:)

Great site its hard into the 30s as the commenter above said.


Ole 10.28.06 at 3:14 am

The Double Jeu has a small Union Jack in the corner, so you can get the text in English, if you want.


yabonn 10.28.06 at 4:16 am

I never realized before how mutually reinforcing could be a sentence like “you smell like farts” and the picture of BHL (or Sarkozy, or Pasqua).

The ver game is an enlightening experience.


chadc 10.28.06 at 5:53 pm


“You were smart for: 40.628 seconds

I think you cheated! Or you’re smart, but people like you are so rare, mmh it’s strange…”


vivian 10.28.06 at 9:17 pm

Wow, thanks! (sorry I didn’t check CT until Saturday). The snooker game was fascinating too, just to watch the high-friction animation. Labyflou was funny. Consider my whole household addicted, even though some of them won’t learn of this until the morning.


ArC 10.29.06 at 5:17 am

So, I beat “Bouliboula” but it took me many retries. If I’d beaten it on a single credit, no continues … would I still be “rewarded” with a picture of a reclining and naked (though modestly posed) young David Hasselhoff and a couple of wrinkly (shar-peis?) dogs ?


Michael Sullivan 10.30.06 at 5:16 pm

I went back to this today, and managed to crack my previous high in the 30s with 48.8 seconds.

It also accused me of cheating:

“Ouais, c’est ça, et tu vas me dire que t’as pas trichee ?? Mon cul ouais, tout ça parce que t’es bete..”

My french is horrible, but it looks as if it’s saying something like “Yeah, that’s it, and you tell me you haven’t cheated? My ass yeah, it’s all because you are stupid.”

Not so sure about the translation on the last sentence, there’s an idiom I’m obviously not getting there.

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