Support Cory Mason in Racine

by Harry on October 30, 2006

We don’t usually do political endorsements at CT, in fact we don’t even have a line on anything (with one possible exception). So I should say that any endorsements we do are entirely the responsibility of the individual poster (in this case, me). But I did want to alert Wisconsin residents, and especially Racine residents, to a candidate who really deserves your support. Cory Mason is running for the state legislature in Racine, on the Democratic ticket. He should win, but there is no certainty in these matters, and his opponent, a local retired cop, is running a strong campaign, and is, absurdly, trying to portray Cory as a carpetbagger (absurdly because Cory grew up in Racine, and told me when I first got to know him that he intended to work in Madison for a while until he could figure out a way to move back to Racine).

I should say three things. I have never supported a Democrat in a partisan race before, and I think Cory was not sure I’d say yes when he initially asked for my support. Second, Cory is a friend and former student of mine, who I know very well, and that is what makes me so confident in him. He is very firmly committed to a progressive vision of social justice and at the same time understands, from working for many years in the legislature as an aide and a lobbyist (for the teacher’s union) that politics involves pragmatic compromise. His principles and character, though, ensure that where there are compromises they will not be shoddy, but borne from careful judgment about the best that can be done in the circumstances. Third, he is deeply thoughtful about what are the best means to achieve the end of social justice. I know this because when he first encountered my unorthodox views about school choice and vouchers, instead of being straightforwardly appalled, as most would be, he was appalled and intrigued, prompting a set of arguments and debates on education policy we’ve had over the past several years. There’s no-one I’d rather see win a race this Fall. If you are in Racine you should vote for him, but even if not he needs and thoroughly deserves your support (contributions welcome here).



otto 10.30.06 at 10:20 am

Is he an AIPAC/PNAC democrat or the other sort? I dont see any discussion of the war in Iraq or the possible war with Iran on his website.


harry b 10.30.06 at 10:53 am

I think that’s because Wisconsin has no influence over foreign policy, and he is in REagan Democrat country and doesn’t want to raise unnecessary hackles. If he’s a PNAC/AIPAC Democrat, I’m a banana. (translation from the UK English — no, he’s not!).


pidgas 10.30.06 at 12:46 pm

You say he is dedicated to “social justice.” I’ve never found that term particularly helpful for understanding someone’s positions. What does this mean in his case? What is your definition of social justice?


harry b 10.30.06 at 1:01 pm

point well-taken, and I refrained from going into too much detail because I wouldn’t want to sound as if I was committing him to beliefs he doesn’t have. So he should speak for himself. But I mean something like this: a society in which certain basic liberties are guaranteed for all, in which the extent to which one’s class background limits one’s opportunities is pretty small, and in which not only are wage inequalities limited to those which, ultimately, redound to the benefit of the least advantaged, but everyone is guaranteed pretty good health care and public health, a decent standard of living (relative to the wealth of the society) and pretty good educational opportunities in childhood, and remedial educational opportunities over the course of their lives. Something like what Rawls argues for. I’m sure Cory and I disagree on details, and balance of the elements of justice, but I trust him more than the vast majority of politicians (including the vast majority of Democrats) to make judgments that advance social justice as I understand it in the short and medium term.


tps12 10.30.06 at 5:56 pm

So who do you usually support?


harry b 10.30.06 at 7:36 pm

Republicans… NO, that was a joke. I usually don’t support anyone in partisan elections (I’m not allowed to vote, if I were I’d almost always vote Democrat, but without enthusiasm). I support the Green for Senate here this time round (the Republicans don’t have a candidate, the Dem is an intellectually-challenged multi-millionnaire). I’d probably vote Green in the Governor race too, but I’d check the opinion polls first. I’d vote for our other Senator with enthusiasm and would give him money if he looked vulnerable, but I never have.

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