Oliver Postgate is dead

by Harry on December 9, 2008

Guardian Obit here. Picture gallery here. Dragon’s Friendly Society here. The Clangers, Bagpuss and Ivor the Engine here.

When my eldest was 5 there was just one thing on her Christmas list. A Clanger. And Father Christmas brought her a little cuddly clanger and a soup dragon. Boy was she happy. For several years there was a promise that Noggin the Nog would come out on DVD, but there was delay after delay, during which I feared that by the time it came out my kids would be too old for it. It was too late for my eldest, but just in time for the middle one, and we had a third so that a second one would get to enjoy them.

During the great debate over my son’s name the way my wife and the girls got me to accede to their preference was by pointing out that if we named him as we did he would share his first name with Oliver Postgate. Clever.

A taste of Noggin the Nog, the best thing ever on television, here.