Horrible Histories (the best thing currently on television in Britain?) takes a less jingoistic view of Britain than the Ladybird Books — the 3 minutes history of the British Empire is, alas, not yet up on youtube, but there’s plenty else there: Witchfinders Direct; Christians versus Lions; Born 2 Rule; etc.

Btw, according to wikipedia, not only was Titus Oates not really called Titus (I always thought it was odd that there were two of them), but he disliked Scott intensely, which makes the whole thing seem even more tragic.

Hey look! Our book (Belle’s and mine) – Reason & Persuasion: Three Dialogues by Plato – is available for pre-order from Amazon! And I’ve uploaded the final version for free viewing on Issuu. Yes! You can just click the image below read the whole book online in a full-screen flash-based thingy. It works quite well, I find.

You can also click here if you want to download the whole book as a PDF. (Harder to find the download link via that other method.) The PDF is print-locked but otherwise functional. (Download requires a simple sign-in. But you can’t argue with the price.) Finally, the official book site is here. Now I want all you instructors to adopt it for course use. (Free online! How can you neglect to avail yourself of this fine resource?)

But selling you my book about Plato isn’t everything. There’s also … the life of the mind! Here’s a question for discussion. And it will do double-duty as a foretaste of our upcoming George Scialabba event. [click to continue…]