Do we really want to know what they were pouring?

by Henry Farrell on June 28, 2010

“The FT today”: (I wonder how long this will stay uncorrected).

World Cup open thread 2

by Chris Bertram on June 28, 2010

Now England, France and the USA have been given their marching orders, perhaps we can get on with enjoying the football. On the first of those, I’d just like to say (i) that of course we need technology to check whether the ball has crossed the line, (ii) that Jamie Carragher would never have been caught out (as Terry and Upson were) for that first German goal and (iii) that the Germans, unlike the English (and the French), grasp that football is _a team game_ – so well done to them. Personally, I’m backing Ghana until they go out (and having warm feelings about Japan too). Realistically though, Argentina.