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by John Q on July 25, 2010

After the usual hassles, UQ School of Economics finally has its own videoconference facility, an IP-based Tandberg system, which should (fingers crossed) be interoperable with other standards-based systems. I just did my first conference, and it worked very well. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for an upgrade that will let me run a presentation at the same time as appearing on video. But I’m confident of ultimate success, so I’m now announcing that I’m available to give seminars and talks on a wide range of topics to anyone (subject to time and timezone constraints!) who would like to organise a videoconference. Email me j.quiggin at if you are interested.

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sg 07.25.10 at 11:06 am

I had a friend in London (we lived together actually) who had to do a video conference for a big company, and they held it in this weird room in the London office which had some crazy screen and camera set-up to an exact mirror image office in wherever else his interview partner was (maybe Alpha Centauri? Or the 5th ring of hell? I can’t recall). The screen was large, on one wall, and the table he sat at protruded from that wall, so when you started the video conference it looked like you were sitting in the same room at the same table as the people at the other end. He said the video and audio quality was excellent, so it really felt like you were conducting a meeting in person with the people at the other end.

Does UQ have that video-conferencing technology? Or do you have to take the more pedestrian approach?

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