“What can I do with a degree in philosophy?”

by Chris Bertram on September 16, 2010

I’ll be participating in a live Q&A session for the Guardian on this topic next Thursday (23rd) 1-4pm (UK time). Philosophers, philosophy graduates (and anyone else) with good ideas for what to say are welcome to email me with suggestions or advice at C-dot-Bertram-at- bristol-dot-ac-dot-uk . And if you’re interested, perhaps a current philosophy student or an intending one, then please tune in.



rea 09.16.10 at 12:43 pm

“Would you care for fries with that , sir?”


Chris Bertram 09.16.10 at 1:03 pm

I’m glad that joke is out the way! Since I’ve left my email address for feedback, and since there’ll be ample opportunity to comment at the Guardian, I’ll close comments here.

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