Heckuva job

by John Q on November 10, 2010

Watching a TV report on the Merapi volcano eruption, I was struck by a feeling of deja vu. Warned that the volcano was likely to erupt, Indonesian authorities have organised the evacuation of over 200 000 people into temporary shelters – the report I saw showed people at a large football stadium, well cared for but crowded and anxious to go home. I couldn’t find that report, but here’s another on volunteer teachers helping to keep kids entertained. Indonesia is a poor country that has had more than its share of disaster (natural and otherwise), and there have been plenty of problems, but overall this was an impressive effort.

For those who would like to help, here’s the Indonesian Red Cross site.



Mozzie 11.13.10 at 1:27 am

There’s been quite a bit of press about the evacuation, but little that appreciates this notable organistaional success, especially given the extent of the effort required. The full story would be interesting (but I guess good news requires more work than the Chicken Littles of MSM in AU are capable of).


Ken Lovell 11.13.10 at 10:42 am

Of course the Jordanians and Pakistanis and Iranians etc also manage to cope with literally millions of refugees, whereas we superior Western types get the vapours at the sight of boats carrying a few thousands. But I guess we have no budget for that kind of thing compared with wealthy countries.

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