The Rise of Ransom City Book Event – The PDF! (and EPUB and mobi!)

by John Holbo on September 5, 2013

So I finally got around to making book for our recent event. I had fun devising an appropriate cover and table of contents page:


Here’s the PDF. And here are mobi and EPUB versions. Those are zip files, not because the actual files are large – they’re not – but because WordPress apparently doesn’t ‘trust’ EPUB and mobi.

Speaking of untrustworthiness: when I made our last event book – Red Plenty – I got some complaints that the EPUB version was barfing in an unlovely fashion when read on a Nook. Sorry about that! I am an amateur! And Nookless, to boot. I tried to do better this time. Perhaps some Nook user will report back, one way or the other. If all is well, I may remake the Red Plenty stuff.

Here’s a thing. Call it: the view from your tintype. (We could make it a regular contest!) Can you identify the work I appropriated (that’s a fancy word for ‘swiped legally’, since it’s public domain)?



Luis 09.05.13 at 3:00 am

This may be as good a time as any to point out that neither this event, nor the one on Utopias, have made the sidebar.


John Holbo 09.05.13 at 3:15 am

A very valid point.


PJW 09.06.13 at 12:00 am

Really nice artwork. Can’t quite come up with the work you appropriated, though it looks familiar. But sometimes things we’ve never seen can seem familiar.


John Holbo 09.06.13 at 1:40 am

“Really nice artwork.”

Thanks. As a professional philosopher and amateur graphic artist, I naturally worry more about what people think about my art than my philosophy!

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