Sunday photoblogging: railway line, Orio

by Chris Bertram on October 30, 2016

Orio is a small town in the Basque country, northern Spain

Orio, early morning



Mike Huben 10.30.16 at 2:32 pm

Wow. Now that is a glorious picture.


Bill Benzon 10.30.16 at 5:12 pm

I love this, Chris. It has a utopian quality, like it might have been a scene from “Tomorrowland.”


Donald A. Coffin 10.30.16 at 5:47 pm

Very cool shot.


JanieM 10.30.16 at 7:46 pm

Yes, gorgeous. The combination of texture, minute detail, and wide vista is amazing. Makes me want to buy a better camera and take a class…..


Brian 10.30.16 at 10:14 pm

Very good. Reminds me a bit of rural Japan, where you can get a nice juxtaposition of bucolic bliss and high-speed rail…

You’ve got some beautiful shots on Flickr… keep it up


Alan White 10.31.16 at 12:03 am

It’s a great image–I might have cropped out the cell tower (isn’t it?) on the lower right.

Wish I could say “beautiful” in Basque.


JanieM 10.31.16 at 1:53 am

Alan White — ISTM that the line of hills falling then rising L-to-R, and the contrasting dark/brightness in the sky (also L-to-R), make it worth not cropping the cell tower.

I’d be curious to know what Chris thinks.


Dave 10.31.16 at 3:12 am

so good


PJW 10.31.16 at 3:59 am

Interesting topography and geometric shapes, particularly the “hoops” on the bridge. I also like the fence row.


ZM 10.31.16 at 9:37 am

I like the industrialism of the cell tower actually even though its a minor part of the composition. I used to really like Chinese photos from the industrialisation period in the mid 20th C with tractors and factories and things in postcards or calendars from the time. This is a nice example like Brian says with the road and the tower contrasted with the expansive natural realm.

Its a really lovely photo Chris Bertram; do you ever have exhibitions of your photos?


ZM 10.31.16 at 9:38 am

Or maybe the bridge is for trains not cars so its a track not a road… I can’t quite tell and am not familiar with the design


Sasha Clarkson 11.03.16 at 7:03 pm

“Like” :)

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