Come work in Zurich

by Eszter Hargittai on July 21, 2017

Last week, I shared a bit about what my work day looks like. Want to come be a colleague? My department, the Institute for Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich, has two open positions. Applications are due soon, rather out-of-sync with the usual US job market time line for this field, so I’m trying to spread the word. If you know of academics for whom these positions may be of interest, please share the info with them. One is a tenure-track assistant professor position in political communication, the other is an open-rank position in media politics/media policy. Knowledge of German is not required although an openness to learn it is. I teach all of my classes in English. Starting my fourth year I may be asked to do some of my teaching in German. It’s a great work environment and it’s a wonderful city!



nastywoman 07.22.17 at 12:34 pm

– and sometimes I drive to Züri to work – and I always drive by the Universität on my way to my friends and it’s a great work environment and it’s a wonderful city! –
So why I’m the only one who responds?
-(and I even can’t apply for one of these jobs as I hardly can read and write) – which made me sink – as for one job ”special emphasis should be placed on digital political communication (such as social media)” – why isn’t the ZüriUni just hiring the comment section of Crooked Timber –
that might work?


nastywoman 07.22.17 at 12:38 pm

I forgot – I can do the German thing – and if I must even the ”Schweizerdütsch”.
As proof:

Züri gsi?

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