Sunday Photoblogging: flowers

by Ingrid Robeyns on August 27, 2017

Longtime readers of our blog know that my oldest son Aaron (now 11) developed an interest in flower-arranging. It is wonderful to see how he has this talent that neither of his parents knew he had, nor did we do anything to help him discover this talent: he did it all by himself initially, with the help of some youtube demonstrations by Japanese flower artists. When we discovered what he could make, some local flower sellers started to support him, and he was lucky that my sister Kristin has a degree in flower arranging and hence could learn him some techniques.

Since Aaron has autism, he receives much more negative feedback than neurotypical children of his age; it is a general advice to parents of autistic children to try to encourage them in developing what they are good at, also for their self-esteem. At some point Aaron had made so many pieces, and the reactions by people who saw them were such a support to him, that I opened a FB-page with his creations. It’s fun and sometimes also touching what people write there (some are people we know, but one of his greatest fans is a flower arranger we’ve never met). I hope Aaron keeps this interest till he’s grown-up, since one wonders what he would make if he had any serious training in flower-arranging. In the meantime, he’s still a primary school kid, and the two pieces in the pictures here are two of my favourites.



JanieM 08.27.17 at 8:52 pm

The arrangement currently shown at the top of the Facebook page (timestamp August 20 at 5:36am) is stunning.

I love to hear stories of people discovering some passion or talent and then running with it.


JanieM 08.27.17 at 9:04 pm

P.S. I’d give Aaron the compliment directly if I were on Facebook. Since I’m not, please relay it to him. Another fan from across the ocean! :-)


Z 08.27.17 at 9:06 pm

It fills me with awe about the world, the capability of human beings and that of your son to see such sheer harmony and such beauty so eloquently expressed.


Val 08.27.17 at 9:27 pm

They are beautiful Ingrid, congratulations to Aaron. I like flower arranging too, though I don’t do it much now as I only have a small garden. There is something very pleasing about it.


Dr. Hilarius 08.27.17 at 9:35 pm

How wonderful! I needed something positive right now.


Donald A. Coffin 08.28.17 at 12:21 am

Those are beautiful. Looks like a real talent to me.


Alan White 08.28.17 at 12:28 am

These are beautiful. The second evokes a bird of peace.


flubber 08.29.17 at 11:46 am

Yeah, the arrangements on facebook are great. Super Mooi!

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